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Bowen-Hampshire Testimonials

What my clients say about Bowen-Hampshire...

"I received Bowen Treatment over a number of weeks. This was appreciated by both my mind and body as it responded well to this gentle manipulation on my skin.I also received reflexology which I also felt I benefitted from. Angela is very considerate, warm, friendly and professional. With thanks to Angela, I continue on my journey to wellness and look after myself better, a little more each day."

"My experience of Bowen Therapy with Angela was very comfortable, relaxing, friendly and helped a lot with my Fibromyalgia symptoms, I really looked forward to my sessions and felt so good afterwards... Julie. A."

"A number of years ago I fell down the stairs and injured my coccyx. Over the course of a number of years I had  physiotherapy,osteopathy and acupuncture treatment for the injury but none of these was able to get rid of the pain at the base of the injury.  In June 2011 I began a course of Bowen Therapy with Angela and had three sessions in total. I had never heard of this kind of treatment before and was quite sceptical about the results that might be achieved as all the other recognised treatments had failed. However after the first session with Angela I noticed that the pain had considerably subsided. Having completed the third treatment with Angela the pain had completely gone. I never thought I would ever have relief from the pain of this injury but eight months further on I am still pain free. Having been sceptical about Bowen treatment before I am now a firm believer in the merits of this treatment. I would now not hesitate to go to Angela for Bowen treatment if I was to suffer form any painful injury in the future." D H

"I would like to express my gratitude to the Bowen treatment. 

Having osteo-arthritis of my right hip and low bone desity. X-rays of my spine showed disintegration of the vertebra and curvature to the right.  It became paintul to exercise and I needed to wear a belt for support. After the first treatment of Bowen my legs felt lighter, and I was able to walk without too much pain.  After the second treatment there was a definite marked improvement. My energy levels improved and I began to look forward to exercising and walking.  After the third treatment other underlying problems came to light. It was like peeling and onion. Thanks to Angela and the Bowen Treatment, today, I have a better out-look on life, and I am more active." L M

"When I first visited Angela I had a few health problems.  I was suffering with sciatica in my right leg, and being a bit run down, had mouth ulcers.  I have a damaged right ear drum which on occasions gives pain and hissing sounds and I occasionally become constipated.  Angela treated me for all of these things. I had several treatments and found that the mouth ulcers and noises in my ears cleared up.  The sciatica eased and my bowel motions improved.  Overall, I was sleeping better and felt that the treatments I received from Angela had helped me with my health problems." S G

"I wasn't sure the Bowen Technique would work with such small movements but it really does work. I'm now a fan. Angela is a lovely lady who certainly knows all about the holistic therapies and is an expert in identifying the cause of pain and using the appropriate holistic therapy for pain relief. Highly recommend".

"I suffer with tightness in my left leg, which causes me stiffness and pain in my lower back, left hip and outer side of my left leg. After my last treatment there was a remarkable improvement. I felt more supple and had more range of movement. I also had less pain. Thank you Angela. Marian xx"

"I have received Bowen therapy from Angela on a regular basis for the last two months and found it very beneficial. The first time I went for treatment I was anxious about starting a new job and also had some digestive problems which were troubling me. Angela's gentle, healing energy was very reassuring and I found the Bowen moves pleasantly light and subtle. I was able to relax quite quickly, almost falling asleep at times and, by the end of the treatment, I felt a wonderful sense of calm and wellbeing. Over the next few days, despite beginning a new job, I was aware that my digestive system had settled down and I generally felt calmer inside. In the following weeks, with more treatments this continued to be the case, and I also noticed my back and shoulders were less prone to aching. In my opinion, Bowen is a gentle, subtle therapy which helps the body to relax and heal itself rather than shock it into further trauma, and I would recommend it to anyone of any age because it is so simple and effective for many different conditions."

I L 

"A year after an operation to remove a slipped disk, I started to experience occasional lower back pain and stiffness.  Over the next four years, the pain became worse and more frequent, significantly affecting my daily life, as even simple movements such as getting in and out of a car became difficult.  I tried a number of treatments, including visits to a Chiropractor, none of which helped to relieve the pain for more than a few days. Last autumn, Angela suggested that I try the Bowen Technique, a treatment about which I knew nothing.  Following an explanation of the principles of the therapy and what was involved, I agreed to try the treatment and had several sessions, all of which were incredibly relaxing.   A week after the last treatment the pains and stiffness in my back began to lessen, and a month later the improvement was considerable.  It is now four months since my last session of Bowen therapy, and for the first time in years, I am almost completely without any pain or stiffness in my back.  In order to maintain this huge improvement, I will continue to go for regular treatments with Angela.  As a result of my successful experience, I would thoroughly recommend the Bowen Technique to anyone who is suffering with back pain." A H

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