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                                 Bowen After Care Advice

It is important to note that after having received treatment, it will contine to work for the next 5 – 7 days.


1.  Water – drink at least 1 ½ Litres of WATER a day, especially on the day of treatment.

2.  Walking – Try not to sit for long periods by getting up and walking around regularly.

3. Weekly – Treatments should be on a weekly basis, no less than 5 days and no more than 10 days between treatments.

  • For the first 48 hours after treatment you should avoid extremes of temperature – Hot/Cold – Sauna’s, baths.
  • No impact sports – re-injury could occur.
  • Don’t exert yourself.

If re-injury occurs, treatment can be done sooner

Please call if you have any questions!


Other ‘hands-on’ Therapies 

It is recommended that in order to obtain the full benefit from your treatment, other ‘hands-on’ therapies are not applied less than 7 days before or after Bowen as these may interfere with the healing process.


The following are some contra-actions that you may become aware of in the first 24 hours after treatments.  

A contra-action is a “response” to the treatment which is positive.  Some typical responses could include:

  • Thirst – Drink more water.
  • Tiredness – Drink more water
  • Hot/cold Flushes – The Lymphatic processes are working
  • Body Aches and Pains – can be due to areas being switched on that have not been used for a while.
  • Mood Changes – Chemical Changes.
  • Light headedness/Headaches – Drink more water
  • Increased mucous production - Runny nose, tickly cough etc.
  • Change in energy levels – It is advised to relax and only participate in gentle exercise

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